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Inside the mind of a programmer

Software programming in different fields of the IT industry requires more than just the right skills: it takes immense passion and drive to be a great programmer. Programming can be fun but, to make the most out of the experience, one must learn how to think like the great programmers. Nobody can define a good programmer but having the right mindset for the job can help anyone stand out in their work.

But how exactly does programming work? Programming is a process to command the computer to carry out different tasks. The process is dropped down into two parts:

Commanding the computer – this means that a programmer inserts instructions on the computer that are presented in a language that a computer can recognize. The instructions can be anything. For example adding or subtracting 2 numbers, etc. Just like humans speak different languages to interact with each other, similarly, the computer understands commands that are syntactical forms, known as programming languages.

Carry out different tasks – the nature of a task could be complex, involving a series of instructions, or simple, like the example above (addition or subtraction of 2 numbers). For complex tasks, a programmer may require to calculate simple interest, average stock return, etc. To perform complex tasks a programmer must have astounding problem-solving skills. Furthermore, the main goal of learning programming is to enhance problem-solving or logical reasoning.

In the computing world, the problem is not always from A to B instead it starts from A to Z and then goes back to A. Does it sound complicated? Indeed, it is. Solving a problem like this must involve the programmer's logical thinking, to analyze and present arguments relevant to a solution. This is where a good programmer comes into the role, being able to go back and forth to solve a complex problem.

A programmer may have different mindsets that can help them enhance the skills required for the job.

Intrigued Mindset

A programmer functions in a way that they are always looking for problems to solve. Their curiosity level is high and they dig deep to fix the problem. An expert will always cater to the problem from various angles and address it one by one. For coding related problems, it is demanded to engage themselves to find the best solution.

Learning Mindset

Programming is not restricted to problem-solving but it also involves learning new processes. When a problem arises, it is important to study it carefully to have a better understanding. The learning process becomes more legit when experimentation is involved. Every person who is involved in programming must have an eye to catch details, the ability to play around with solutions, and then to present the final solution to implement.

Artistic Mindset

Passion is one of the true requirements to develop any great career and that is no different with programmers. Software development is just like art, from one’s imagination it is possible to build a life on a computer using codes. Art is lifeless without colors, and so is programming without code and software. A great programmer does not stop when they are done with a task, but they keep on looking for other possibilities to make processes better.

In order to become a great programmer, one must have a mindset that is logical and simple, yet creative, and be a constant learner and eager for challenges.

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