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We help customers organize their IT operations data to better see the big picture of what's happening in their IT environment, make better decisions and finally take control of IT.


AIOps platforms analyze telemetry and events, and identify meaningful patterns that provide insights to support proactive responses. AIOps platforms have five characteristics: Cross-domain data ingestion and analytics Topology assembly from implicit and explicit sources of asset relationship and dependency Correlation between related or redundant events associated with an incident Pattern recognition to detect incidents, their leading indicators or probable root cause Association of probable remediation

We work with several AIOps platforms and can therefore advise you of the solution best suited to achieve your goals. We deliver our AIOps solutions based on vendors like Elastic, Moogsoft and Splunk. When customers already have existing AIOps solution, we advise on how best to utilize, integrate and build on what they already have.

Examples of areas we can assist with:

  • Advisory and feasibility studies on the choice of AIOps solution

  • Implementation of AIOps solution with integration to other 3rd party systems

  • Training

  • Health check

  • Data processing optimization and data clean up

  • Capacity planning and operational cost optimization

  • 24/7 Managed Service

  • Product maintenance and support



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