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Performance Testing





In today’s highly demanding and competitive market, be it an enterprise solution or a customer oriented application - performance is one of the key factors that impact the business success. Examples exist where applications have experienced manifold success with just a small 2-5 second reduction in page response times and examples where applications have lost the user-base to a point of no-return due to poor performance. In such a scenario, it is imperative that the business invests in comprehensive performance testing of their applications to ensure the application performance meets the end-user expectations.

At MCG, we believe that every application is unique and deserves customized performance testing. Using proprietary frameworks and plugins, proven best practices combined with expertise acquired through successful delivery of large-scale performance testing projects, MCG’s team of performance test experts can help you realize your applications true performance in real-world conditions and support you in optimizing application performance to meet the business needs and in gaining the competitive edge.
If you are looking to hire performance test experts for your testing needs, or want to outsource performance testing projects on an ongoing basis by having an extended software testing team, get in touch with MCG.

We take care of all your Application Performance Testing needs:

  • Web and Mobile Application Performance Testing - Employing flexible and cost-effective methods, we provide efficient capabilities to identify, plan, and execute tests to validate performance of all types of web and mobile applications.

  • Media Streaming User Performance Experience Assessment Assessing - performance of applications with media content. Testing configurations to evaluate and improve streaming and downloading experience.

  • Thick and Thin Client based Applications Performance Testing - End-to-end application load testing for Thick and Thin Client based apps (e.g. SAP, ERP, CRM, Citrix…) to help validate performance across specific business requirements.

The MCG Approach

Over the years, MCG has built a comprehensive approach, which can be customized based on client needs, which has helped us deliver effective results for every project we undertake.

Our dedicated team of performance test experts collaborates with the client to determine performance objectives and identify the scope of testing engagement. Latest technologies, industry standard and open source performance tools are then employed to validate application performance. Relevant metrics are gathered during execution to analyze the performance and identify bottlenecks within the framework. 

At the conclusion of the testing project, we provide a comprehensive report including performance test results, root cause analysis and strategic advice to improve the application performance and optimize the application.



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