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24/7 Outsourced SysOps/NOC Support

Need us 24/7? Overnight? Just on weekends? Our outsourced SysOps/NOC support services provide exactly the level of support you need, when you need it. Focus your attention and most advanced resources on high value revenue generating projects and leave applications and IT infrastructure monitoring and management to MCG to deliver maximum uptime, availability, and performance in a more cost-effective service model.

Give your engineers a rest - MCG got it covered
Let your expert technical teams focus on projects that supports core high-value and leave low-level maintenance that keeps them up at night to MCG. Our 24/7 service desk is here to handle support tasks so your advanced engineers can invest their time and attention where it matters the most. Through our support framework, we significantly reduce the burden on internal support teams by handling at Tier 1 what many organizations are forced to utilize advanced technical staff for - sometimes by as much as 90%.

Faster reaction, faster resolution
Around-the-clock service means that recovery is instantly initiated and precious time is not lost. Each support process is documented, understood, and trained by those delivering the services to ensure appropriate actions are executed as quickly as possible.

Service at every level of technical support
Our multi-tier operational support structure enables managers to leverage the lower-cost first-level or Tier 1 team to perform routine activities, freeing up high-level technical teams to focus on more advanced support issues. By following an operational methodology that utilizes a tiered support structure in full alignment with the ITIL framework, our team can rapidly respond to incidents and events and continue to implement changes as needed, all under a more cost-effective service model.

  • Notification Support We detect and identify events from alarms, calls, and emails related to network and security equipment, circuits, cloud infrastructure, and applications. This also includes creating incidents and notifying or escalating them until the incident has been acknowledged.

  • Tier 1 Support - Includes initial event correlation, infrastructure, and services impact determination, and incident prioritization within established SLA timeframes - in addition to the scope of Notification Support. We work the vast majority of issues to resolution without impacting your team at all. Our Tier 1 resolution rates typically sit between 60% and 80% of all issues. 

  • Advanced (Tier 2 & 3) SupportOur advanced support team expands on Tier 1’s expertise to include a deeper, investigative level of troubleshooting expertise in application, network and IT technologies along with specialized knowledge for highly-involved resolution.



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