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IT Infrastructure

Monitoring (ITIM)



We help customers optimize their IT infrastructure to deliver the best possible performance whilst also making sure that capacity is not wasted and environments are right-sized for the workloads they need to process.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) software platforms capture the health and resource utilization of IT infrastructure components no matter where they reside (for example, in a data center, at the edge, infrastructure as a service [IaaS] or platform as a service [PaaS] in the cloud). This enables I&O leaders to monitor and collate the availability and resource utilization metrics of physical and virtual entities, including servers, containers, network devices, database instances, hypervisors and storage. Notably, these tools collect data in real time and perform historical data analysis or trending of the elements they monitor.


We work with several ITIM platforms and can therefore advise you of the solution best suited to achieve your goals. We deliver our ITIM solutions based on vendors like AppDynamics, Datadog, Dynatrace, Elastic, Instana, New Relic, Schneider Electrics, Solarwinds and Splunk. When customers already have existing ITIM solution, we advise on how best to utilize, integrate and build on what they already have.


Examples of areas we can assist with:

  • Maturity assessment - understand the current status and provide maturity level report

  • Discovery and roadmap - blueprint the requirements with the stakeholders

  • Design, implementation and custom development

  • Training

  • Health check

  • Product maintenance support

  • 24/7 IT Monitoring Platform Managed Service

  • 24/7 Outsourced SysOps/NOC Support

  • Capacity planning and cost optimisation - Save up to 50% after first optimisation review. Get recommendations to reduce operational costs, maintenance costs and maintain better data quality and uptime.



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