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24/7 IT Monitoring

Platform Managed Service



Hiring and retaining a dedicated team of IT monitoring experts is an expensive investment for most organizations. An alternative solution is to use the customizable IT Monitoring Managed Service by MCG.


We assist our customers not only with planning, designing, and implementing IT monitoring solutions but also with operating these solutions on-premise or cloud-deployed. This includes the service and maintenance of all monitoring and evaluation systems and full responsibility of these monitoring systems during their complete life cycle.


As experts for IT monitoring solutions we develop a plan for service and support according to our customers‘ needs. Thus we ensure availability and best practice in operating the solution and help our customers reduce costs. In addition, we free our customers from the burden of needed specialist knowledge.
The agreement usually includes the following services with adjustments and additions according to customers' requests:

  • Performed by specialized monitoring engineer teams

  • Global Coverage - Assist your team anywhere and anytime 24/7 - Enjoy peace of mind without worrying about IT monitoring platform management

  • Get flexible customized packages as per the company’s needs - Hourly, Monthly or Annual packages available

  • Enchased support and coordination with vendor support

  • Installation of new software versions, patches, and hotfixes

  • Development of best practice service and automation

  • Tool health check and assessments

  • Custom development - searches, dashboard visualizations, data integrations, extensions and reporting

  • Capacity planning and cost optimisation - Protect and optimize your investment

Our team monitors your environment 24/7 and conducts daily reviews of your IT monitoring solutions to ensure things are running as expected. These regular checks look at system stability, system availability, system-generated events, and system performance at a minimum.



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